Trichologist Solutions offers diagnosis, treatment and advice relating to hair and scalp issues.

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Treating Hair Loss

Treating hair loss and thinning hair holistically – with advice and solutions that are individually tailored. There is a myriad of conditions that can affect the scalp and hair. At Trichologist Solutions, I help you find the most appropriate and successful solution with our tailored holistic approach. If you are concerned about any hair or scalp issues, contact me for a consultation or a chat.

Trichologist Solutions offers diagnosis, personalised treatment and advice relating to hair and scalp issues. Abnormal looking hair or an unhealthy scalp can have a traumatic effect on your confidence. Trichologist Solutions will help you to get to the root cause of the problem. We find the most appropriate and successful solution with a holistic approach, tailored to suit you.

10+ years industry experience.
Professional Advice Given. All ages and hair types welcome. GP referrals welcomed but not necessary.

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the study of the diseases that affect the human hair and scalp. This includes hair loss, scaly scalp conditions and conditions that growth and texture of the hair. Hair loss and scalp conditions can be caused by numerous factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet, and autoimmune conditions. A trichologist is a medically trained professional who analyses, diagnoses, and treats hair and scalp conditions. Trichology is a specialised branch of science that deals with the treatment of hair loss and scalp disorders. It also focuses on the structure, and function of diseases that of the human hair.

The first step to understanding your hair loss is to book a consultation.

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Your consultation will take about 45 minutes. During your consultation I will make a brief record of your family history, medical history, lifestyle, and hair styling practices. I will also conduct a hair and scalp examination. This will ensure that most of the possible causes of your hair or scalp conditions are considered prior to a diagnosis being made.

Discussing your family history, details of your lifestyle and general health will be considered prior to a diagnosis. Your hair will also be analysed for any abnormalities, and microscopic analysis may be necessary.

At the end of your consultation, you may be offered treatment options and advice with the aim to improve your condition and prevent future occurrences.

Consultation £130

Follow-up Appointments £65

GP Referrals £50